Use VWS To Generate Mobile Device Web Pages Date:05/06/2006
ORIGINAL By:        Dan Turner (WA4BRO) RoswellWeather.Net   
DOC LINK Status: Implemented    


You want to use VWS to generate simple web pages that can be viewed on a Mobile Device, GPRS Cell Phones, PDA's and more. with limited

screen width.

Step 1- Create a Directory on your Weather Website Called mobile

Mine is called

Step 2. Download the template and Web Pages I use here http://RoswellWeather.Net/mobile/

Step 3. Unzip to your hard drive.

Copy mobile.htx to your c:\vws\templates directory.

Copy satellite.html and radar.html to the directory that you normally use to ftp your vws files from or you can place them in the /mobile directory off
your web site as they are static and will not change after you have edited them once.

Step 4. Edit satellite.html and radar.html and change the URLs to the correct images for your area. You can browse the srh web site for the correct thumbnail images
for your area.

Step 5. Edit c:\vws\templates\mobile.htx  Change any tags that are specific to your area ie: SKY and change urls to reflect your site for the Radar and Satellite urls.
Be sure to save the file after editing.

Step 6. In VWS go to Internet>html settings browse on the left for c:\vws\templates\mobile.htx  and on the right side place the file where you normally upload your
files in VWS ie. c:\vws\root\index.html  (Be sure you do not overwrite your regualr index file for your site) If your sites regular index file is index.htm then index.htm is ok, if yours is already called index.html then name it index.htm)

Step 7. In VWS go to Internet>FTP Files and set vws to upload the index file, satellite.html and radar.html to on the schedule you wish.

You can then point your GPRS web enabled Cell Phone or Device to and have all your local weather data available formatted to fit your screen.





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