Review ProVideo PV-149P 4 Port Capture Card Date:05/13/2006
ORIGINAL By:        Dan Turner (WA4BRO) RoswellWeather.Net   
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For all those looking for a nice lower cost multi-port
Capture card to use with ImageSalsa 2.0 Beta, You may
want to check out the ProVideo PV149P from


You can see my review of BlueCherry.Net here


The PV149P is a 4 port capture card similar to the Ituner
Spectra but at considerable less cost. The PV149P from
BlueCherry runs around $159.00 with Free Shipping and
an additional 15% discount by using the WEATHERCARDS
Forum Members discount code at check out.

The PV149P is a 4 Port 120FPS (Full Speed on all Ports)
card that comes with a 4 camera dongle and Windows
WDM / SDK drivers on CD ROM with complete install instructions.

Installation was a breeze. Drop it in a free PCI slot, fire up
the machine and wait for windows to recognize the card. When
windows ask for drivers select the CDROM and browse to the
PV149P drivers directory. Windows will proceed to ask you to
install a driver for each port. Just keep pointing back to the driver
directory until all four video drivers are installed. It will then
repeat the process to install audio drivers for each port. (I do not
know why it installs audio drivers as the card does not come with
audio connectors, although I suspect the lower port connector
would allow 4 audio connections, but the card is sold as no audio
and less the second dongle)

Once all drivers are installed, windows will report ready for use.

Fire up ImageSalsa 2.0 beta, and then
select the VIDEO menu command and select Configure Video Devices.

You will notice four BT878 Capture Ports listed as
BT878 Capture ZERO thru Three (4 Ports) corresponding to
to your video cable from the PV149P card.

The card is rated to 640X480 , However I found I could select
much higher resolutions.

Even thought the card was rated at 30FPS per port, I found in
ImageSalsa about the best I could do with all ports at 640X480
was 6 to 7 FPS per port on a 3.0 P4 with 1GB Dual Channel DDR

A similar setup in Linux with ZoneMinder resulted in approx 15
or more FPS per port. I am guessing this must be a limitation
in IS2Beta due to the many other things IS2 is doing at the
same time. Blocking and Non Blocking in IS2 was basically the
same results, just higher CPU usage.

Overall for Ease of Installation, Printed Docs and a Name
Brand Card with WDM and SDK drivers I have to give this card
an A+.

You can see the card and dongle on my test page along with
3 active ports at
(This is kinda slow DSL up 384K and is shared with a couple
more Linux servers here at home so the refresh rates may be a little
slow depending on server loads)

It is also currently capturing for my Gallery at

Currently this is the only capture card running on RoswellWeather.Net, I have since
abandoned all my USB capture devices on this machine.


Please Note that Prices and Shipping Terms were as of the Date of this review and are subject

to change.




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