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I can not say enough good things about BlueCherry.Net since I have been using them for most of my Weather Camera and Capture card needs. This Company operates like the way I hope I operate my own.

They are very fast to ship, have  great prices and the customer service is second to none.  Curtis with  BlueCherry.Net  instituted a discount program for all Private Weather Station Owners in furtherance of the hobby and public service. Their products are tested by BlueCherry and you will find only the Best Video Cards and Cameras at BlueCherry.

 If there is one product line on EBay that you should avoid, It is security cameras and capture cards! Hundreds of new cameras and capture cards come in to the United States each month, It is sad to say that more than 50% of them are very poor quality. Good security companies like  BlueCherry.Net  weed out the the good and bad. Businesses using security cameras have to rely on nothing but the most solid and best cameras and equipment to protect their businesses. Where does the Junk go? You guessed it, EBay. I should know, I have been a victim of it a few times until I learned my lesson. A few dollars you think you save on EBay on security equipment will wind up costing you plenty more.  BlueCherry.Net  stands behind their products and factory warranties. How many cameras or capture cards did you get off EBay that came with ANY paperwork? Products that  BlueCherry.Net  sell come with all factory included information, and BlueCherry backs it up with their fantastic customer support. 

Be sure to click on the  BlueCherry.Net  banner above to visit their site.

Disclaimer: i do not sell or get commissions on any  BlueCherry.Net  purchases. I am just one happy customer that hopes that you will be too!


Below you will find one of the cards used here at RoswellWeather.Net from  BlueCherry.Net as well as one of their cameras in use here.



Images Captured Using Provideo PV-149P
4 Port BT878 Capture Card From
This Card Supports 4 Windows WDM Drivers
 and Works Great With
2.0 Beta
 Webcam Program

Provideo PV-149 Review


If Image Is Black - It Is Dark Outside- This is a Non-IR Camera
Direct Sun May Also Wash Out Picture During Panning

1/3" Topica 4mm Lens  CCD Non IR Sony From Bluecherry.Net


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